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Academics fear PhD quality is slipping–>Standardization?

This article is from Britain about the increase of students in PhD programs and the fear that this causes standards are getting watered-down- There is a growing concern about the “mounting pressure to accept students who were not capable of … Continue reading


I have been thinking a lot about the discussion last night about bullying and the increase in incidences of bullying.   Why is this happening?  Is it occurring more often or or we just noticing it more?  To me, it seems … Continue reading

Re: Introverts/Shy people in academe?

I have been labeled by others as an introvert and though I do not follow the introvert/extrovert binary,  the content of these articles described me fairly well.  Fellow students wonder what I am like in the front of a classroom  … Continue reading

Re:Student loans: bigger than credit card debt

I agree that it is amazing (in a disturbing way) that student loans are exceeding credit card debt (at around $1 trillion) and students are now taking out over a billion dollars a year of loans within the education system.  … Continue reading

Re: Of Millennials and Individualism

After reading the article, and regardless with my concerns with the validity of the study and questions about which millennial were asked (such race, university, class, major, etc),  it was interesting to point out that the rise in what the … Continue reading

Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Considering that we are discussing universities outside the United States, this article and survey show that Asian universities are catching up with US and UK universities based on their international reputation. in addition, Times has another survey ranking universities based … Continue reading

Campus reform… Really?!

It is interesting to read the recent posts about college elitism and liberal colleges.   A couple of weeks ago a student in my class handed me a flyer he picked up at CPAC.  The flyer was from campusreform.org.  The flyer … Continue reading

thefountain’s decisions

Reading thefountain’s post, it was an all too familiar story for me. As an undergraduate, I, too, experienced discouraging advising. Like many undergraduates, I came to school with an idea of what I wanted to major in, but, of course, … Continue reading

DIY “Education”?

In the current issue of Newsweek, there is an article about the rise of home schooling taking place in urban families (and by “urban”, I mean upper middle class families who live in or around a city).  The article lists … Continue reading