Mindfulness: A Natural Bridge to Inclusive Teaching

Without a doubt, being mindful, in any respect, is hard. Some Most days I am on autopilot. I just do what needs to get done so I can move on. Having mindfulness feels like it requires time. Time to be … Continue reading

Critical Pedagogy in Studio

The social, political, economic, and environmental shifts of the world have utterly changed the way we need to think about education, in all forms. I’m going to write specifically about Architecture + Design Education.  I really do believe that architects … Continue reading

My One Online Class Experience

I have not had many online or distant learning experiences, and the one I did have was from seventeen years ago. While technology has certainly evolved since then, the way the class was organized is still pretty similar to some … Continue reading

Digital Pedagogy: Architecture and Design

Digital pedagogy is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think about my field of Architecture and Design. I remember the first day of class as a freshman, we were each handed a 24×24 piece of chip … Continue reading

An Inclusive Ecosystem

In the beginning of the semester, we talked about ways to create an inclusive classroom. From a physical space perspective, one idea might be to have a wheelchair accessible doorway into a classroom, or a build a lab countertop at … Continue reading

My Most Valuable Learning Experience

I would have to say that Inclusion and Diversity in a Global Society has been the most impactful class I have taken so far. I walked into this class with a preconceived notion of what inclusion was and what it … Continue reading

Making Inclusion Personal

Seventeen years ago, around this time, I stepped onto a university campus for the first time ever. I can still remember those feelings of anxiety, being overwhelmed and extreme nervousness. As a first generation and low-income college student, I didn’t … Continue reading

Single Motherhood and Grad School: Show Me the Equity

When I decided to come back to school, I knew the hardest part would be leaving my then one year old in a room full of strangers at some daycare that was my fourth choice because everything else was wait-listed … Continue reading

What Kind of Educator Will I Be?

I read a journal article about pedagogy and architectural education in the beginning of this semester, but haven’t much thought about it since recently, because I have been struggling with the question “what makes a great teacher?”. As someone who … Continue reading

U.S. Community College Goes International

We spoke about the future of higher education in class, and one of the shorter-term goals was the thought of how do we make community college more aligned with university for smoother transfers and better education, in general. While this … Continue reading