What it means to be a faculty member

To be a faculty member is to hold a great responsibility of shaping minds.  The learners at the university are quite literally the leaders of tomorrow and today, and a professor has the ability to open new worlds and ideas to these students while they are in their formative years.  To be a professor is […]

What I’d change about higher education

Wow.  What a big question!  If I could change 1 thing about higher education, what would it be?  I’ve now spent nearly 10 years in higher education, so I should be well acquainted with its strengths and weaknesses.  I think sometimes I look at it as this behemoth of an American institution whose faults and […]

Distracted learners and MOOCs

Being brought up in the computer age, I regularly multi-task with technology.  I flip from window to window to constantly stay up to date on my e-mail (all 3 accounts), news of the day, and of course, my facebook feed :-).  Indeed, when I’m ‘watching’ a video I’m really half-listening to it as I look […]

A reality check for MOOCs

I was reading an article in The Chronicle today which referenced an article from this summer (read the article here: concerning MOOC for credit trials at San Jose State University.  According to the article, although SJSU has been rather innovative in fostering MOOC technology, they recently decided to suspend new MOOC development for a variety […]

Cleaning house?

This semester, we’ve been encouraged to read The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Having never really read it, I didn’t know what to expect.  The articles are really well written but what consistently strikes me more are the user comments  – most comments are well thought out, contain proper grammar AND spelling, and are usually signed […]

Incorporating MOOC lectures into the flipped classroom

There’s a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about Bill Gates’ efforts to encourage the MOOC concept and suggesting that teachers (especially in community colleges) use these lectures in their flipped classrooms (where students watch lectures at night and come to class to do work and seek individualized instruction).  Read the article here: […]

What is higher education like in Russia?

The very engaging session we shared last week discussion higher education in other countries got me to thinking about Russia.  I lived in Russia for 2 years while working for a Christian organization.  While I was there I took Russian language classes at a university and constantly interacted with Russian students who studied at that […]

An “oops” in the lab

This weekend I had to go in to the lab to check on my baby cow embryos.  Being a football saturday, I woke up much earlier than I would’ve liked on a Saturday to avoid the traffic.  I arrived at school with no problem, parked, and went in to the lab for what should’ve been […]

Communicating Science

In preparing for today’s PFP class about communicating science, I was inspired to blog!  I’m not a natural blogger, so this is really exciting I know I’m not alone in that I’ve read a newspaper article describing the results of a ‘groudbreaking study’ which sound pretty promising.  Then, being the scientist that I am, I […]

Ethics lessons from high school

The two years before I went to vet school were spent working at a vet clinic.  This resulted in a wealth of experience and knowledge – but not a lot of money.  Since I was low on the totem pole, I worked a lot of nights and weekends, leaving me days free.  So I got […]