High Ed – Inclusive Pedagogy

In my opinion, inclusive pedagogy is an important topic that most of us should be aware of, even if not planning to join Academia. Creating an inclusive environment will bring EQUAL opportunities to all individuals involved in any process. Talking specifically about what happens in a classroom, an inclusive environment would help learners/students to be … More High Ed – Inclusive Pedagogy

Inclusive Pedagogy, Celebrating Uniqueness

Pedagogy in its nature should be inclusive. It entails being fair as an ethical virtue and being considerate and mindful in a way that everyone feels welcome. One step toward inclusiveness might be practicing tolerating and learning from diverse views and thoughts. I think one challenge is that we want to treat the students impartially, […]

Inclusive Pedagogy in a Zoom Filled World…

While reading about inclusive pedagogy this week, one of my first thoughts strayed to the challenges the Zoom teaching environment might pose for inclusion within the classroom. Zoom in its most basic form isn’t the most inclusive. Many people, including myself, often struggle to navigate the screen sharing feature, let alone annotating someone else’s shared […]

The Benefits of Inclusive Pedagogy

Of all of the readings this week, the most impactful for me was the Georgetown course design on Inclusive Pedagogy, mainly from an argument I’ve had with other white men. I’m a white man, and I have friends, acquaintances, and coworkers who are white men, and for a long time (up to and including now),Continue reading “The Benefits of Inclusive Pedagogy”

Higher education after COVID: going virtual

There will definitely a before and after once the global pandemic gets under control. These changes will be seen across different societal spheres: public health policies, economics, workforce, and no doubt, in the way that education is offered today. The abrupt change that the schools had to go through once COVID hit was almost a …