The Value of Varied Teaching Experiences

I have to admit that my mind was working overtime on Monday night during class.  It wasn’t so much that the material was complex or difficult to understand.  I was simply drifting to thoughts of the future.  To be honest, … Continue reading

Collegiate Faculty

In this week’s class, we discussed all of the different distinctions of professors and employment within higher education. I was most interested in a relatively new position in higher education: collegiate faculty. These positions are non-tenure track and designed primarily around teaching and learning, which is something I am definitely drawn to, as it plays …

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Ethics: Marrying your Student?

Some of you might be familiar with the name and some of you might not be, but in Vertebrate Paleontology, Jack Horner is a name that everyone knows (well, at least many dinosaur/fossil-enthusiasts know). He is well known for the discovery and the naming Maiasaura. He appeared in “Dinosaur Decoded” and on it he suggested that […]

Ethics in Higher Education: How do we teach them?

I feel like I’ve heard more lectures on the importance of ethics than I could possibly remember through my time in college. I’ve heard a similar sentiment from other college graduates that I’ve talked to about the topic. But yet, … Continue reading

Additional blog post 2 – Death of the University?

This post is inspired by this article – This article covers the predictions of a futurist named Bryan Alexander, who predicted that rising costs and demographic shifts as America skews older would result in the death of the university. As he saw it in 2013, higher education was in a “bubble.” Demand, he predicted, …

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Additional blog post 1 – Mega-Universities

This blog post is inspired by this article – The article covers the recent rise of mega-universities; as the chart in the article clearly shows, from 2007-2017 the median attendance rate at traditional four year universities remained roughly flat while several online universities grew exponentially. This trend has both upsides and downsides. On the …

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