Mindfulness: A Natural Bridge to Inclusive Teaching

Without a doubt, being mindful, in any respect, is hard. Some Most days I am on autopilot. I just do what needs to get done so I can move on. Having mindfulness feels like it requires time. Time to be … Continue reading

Mindful Learning

Mindful learning is not a new concept to me. I was homeschooled for many years and my mom spent a lot of time making sure that I was experiencing mindful learning and not mindless learning. My mom didn’t like the school system where we lived because it was a lot of mindless learning  so she […]

Considering Latin names and the -ologies through the lens of mindful teaching

As part of the undergraduate wildlife conservation curriculum, students are expected to take several different “-ologies” courses. These courses are focused on a specific group of organisms, covering key concepts in their biology and natural history as well as basic identification. Most of these classes are split into a lecture focused on biology and natural …

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Critical Pedagogy in Studio

The social, political, economic, and environmental shifts of the world have utterly changed the way we need to think about education, in all forms. I’m going to write specifically about Architecture + Design Education.  I really do believe that architects … Continue reading

Authority vs. Authoritarian Teaching

An authority teacher is someone who is the face of the classroom, participates in the learning, moderates conflict, and enhances discussions. On the other hand an authoritarian professor controls the classroom, doesn’t allow for free thought, and reigns over the students and inhibit and are not a part of the learning process.  (Holland, 2018) Before […]

Critical Pedagogy: Thoughts on alternative grading approaches

During this week’s class on critical pedagogy, we discussed several different grading approaches, and briefly touched on the pros and cons of them. Some of the approaches are ones that I was unfamiliar with, so I did some follow-up research to learn more.  For my blog post, I’d like to briefly summarize what I learned …

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