Taking Remote Tests

Since I’m working on grad school applications, I went through some standardised tests. Even though many colleges have waived the requirement for GRE for fall 2021 applicants, I still had to take it, as some programs I’m applying to still require it. To be fair, I expected something like this so I still spent some …

Final Reflection

For my final post of the semester I decided to reflect on one of the challenges that many engineering students have (including me): we don’t particularly like writing. This has been a struggle and I came to realize how big it is for me when I started this class. In my experience, this originates from … Continue reading Final Reflection

Partial Discharge Classification in High Voltage Equipment

What is a Partial Discharge (PD)? Partial discharge (PD) is a type of electrical discharges that does not bridge electrodes and it affects only a portion of insulating material while the rest of it is not affected. PDs can take place in solids, liquids, and gases. The important thing about PDs it their detrimental impact …

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Shift in Administration from Teaching

In recent university existence there seems to be a shift in hiring. Universities have been focusing on hiring administrators over professors and have been focusing on the business aspect of the university system. When analyzing recent hires for the university there has been an increase in the amount hiring done for administrators while the amountContinue reading “Shift in Administration from Teaching”