Short Poetry

Poems of Days: Short Dynamic Poetry #1 Feel of morning’s chillness, call of chirping birds; awaken. Bodies sharing heat, greet a day together; aware. Moments for mind, for body after, off-to-business happy. Feels they’re most smiling ones; a day; call …

What a Foretaste of Deliverance

“Why am I still sinning?”, I ask myself this question almost every day. I don’t know about you, but I wish that all corruption in my heart is perfectly subdued now and give a grandeur testimony that “the LORD has removed my desire for that, and I stopped doing it”, but that is not how it works, is it? If it works like that, I would be all puffed up and see my own righteousness as a way to save myself. Being exposed to my sins every single day only reminds of the alien righteousness of Jesus

Week 13: Ethics and Personal Ethos

Ethics to me are deemed as one of the most important characteristics when it comes to the evaluation of another person. I consciously or subconsciously avoid getting too involved with someone that has ethical issues, fearing these kind of persons would cause more ethical dilemmas to me one day. My belief in ethics is deeply affected […]