Week 7: Citation Method

The value of citations is highly underrated in the growth of research. To specify a few aspects: citations lets a researcher know the scientific groups that are working on specific problems and the progress of the group on that specific topic over years. From a standpoint of innovation, a citation is a vital tool in… Continue Reading →

Week 6: The VT Graduate Honor System, Part II

The interactive movie “The Lab” was a truly interesting and eye-opening activity. I chose to follow the Kim’s character since I’m a graduate student and expected that any dilemma that she would face would be quite relatable to my experiences. I was a bit surprised to find out how certain decisions that I took during …

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Week 5: The VT Graduate Honors System, Part I

In my opinion, I think that the Graduate Honor system serves as a deterrent that prevents academic dishonesty, rather than targeting defaulters and punishing them. Even though the rules may appear obvious and make even make one think that it is absolutely unnecessary, having a system in place that has set penalties for violations is …

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Week 8

Higher education complicates the definition of authorship because so much of graduate level research is collaborative. In addition, it is very common to build off of former students research for a thesis or project. This can complicate who should be included as an author because of needing to distinguish between previous work and new developments […]