Introductory Seminar GPP Switzerland, 03/19/2013

We enjoyed a great day yesterday. Lucinda and Erich had organised a very diversified programme.

Karen started with a great presentation about social media:

Shelli made our eyes shine with


and loads of games to learn like,,

Beat Münch introduced us to the Higher Education system of Switzerland,  and to the University of Basel,

and Erich Thaler informed us about the and the marketing of German Universities, and Dutch universities,

Thank you for a great day!

Who’s this??



Good morning blogging world

I’m very happy to be part of a mixed disciplinary group to gain a better understanding of global Higher Education and learn from peers in a firsthand experience.

Since I’ve been a headmaster of a school for vocational training (Höhere Fachschule für Marketing und Kommunikation) and a lecturer at different Swiss Institutions for many years I am quite familiar with Higher Education.

Besides working I love to ski and play with my daughter Julia (5 years old) and my son Nic (3 years old). If I got some time off you will find me on a Tennis Court, my Mountain Bike or on a Kiteboard. Some times I even spend time with my wife Andrea.

Once I manage to upload picture I can even show you my family :-)


Hopefully we can explore some of the best trails in Virginia or Switzerland together!