Flexibility is the Key to Airpower (and train travel…apparently)


During my time in the Air Force, we had it drilled into our heads that flexibility get us everywhere. Good thing that understanding stuck as my travel companions and I had to do a little rerouting on the fly last night.

We had purchased 2-country pass Eurostar train tickets week before we travelled and planned to use them to go between Paris and Zurich, but were under the impression that we could easily add a leg from London to Paris. So we stopped by the train ticket office yesterday evening around 845p and yeah…no. Everything was full.

Did I mention that she couldn’t book the tickets without our paper tickets? And those were back at the hostel? And the ticket office closed at 10p? And there were only 13 seats left on the only train available, a 729a train to Lille, in the Northern part of France?

We never did get any Fish and Chips, but the fresh made spinach and mushroom risotto from this place was an amazing end to our long day.
We sprinted (or quickly walked, whatever) back to our hostel to retrieve the paper tickets and returned in time for the agent to book 3 seats. We made the train this morning and easily booked an in-country hour-long train ride from Lille to Paris. We’re waiting to leave as I write this post. So all is well.

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