Ways to Keep Up With Me!!

Sadly smooshy-face Cooper isn’t going with me!


I can’t actually believe I’m headed half a world away in just 14 days! Holy Cannoli!!

If people are interested, here are ways to keep up with me during the trip:

  • The Global Perspectives Program website:
  • My Facebook:
    • Katie Elizabeth Ruth Ayers
    • I’ll ┬ámake my GPP photo albums public so you can see them without having to friend me or even have a Facebook account
  • On Twitter
    • Search for #gppch17 to see all the group’s adventures
    • I’ll be tweeting photos and short thought snippets
    • You don’t have to have a Twitter account to view these
  • On TripVis
    • An online map that allows you to follow where our group is at the moment
  • On this blog
    • I’ll try and blog at least every other day

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