Hello World!

It seems odd to start this blog post with the default headline from WordPress, but in some ways it’s entirely appropriate.

Literally: Hello World!

I’ve never been outside the US, the tippy-top of Mexico (when I was 9 or so) and the very bottom of Canada (just across the North Dakota border while stationed in Minot, ND, with the Air Force), so in some very literal ways this trip is exactly that: Hello World!

Just 2 weeks ago, I applied for my first passport ever – a pretty uneventful occasion save for the number of documents I had to dig up to prove I am who I say I am. Sidenote: ordering a passport is a good way to find out you have 5 copies of your birth certificate (why?!?!?) and that sometimes you can manage to keep up with important legal documents you never thought you would need again.

Now I wait.

There’s a lot of excitement, but also a lot of trepidation surrounding this trip. I’m a planner, so I’m grateful that much of the trip is already scheduled and I have the freedom to be in charge of my own schedule of flights, train rides and hotels before and after the “official” schedule begins on May 21.

The current plan is to fly from DC to London on May 17, then train it to Paris then on to Zurich May 18-20. I’ve still got to find places to stay and decide on what to see (all of it!!!) before May 21. I’ve got a travel buddy who’s also new to this whole international thing, and I’m grateful I won’t be alone.

There’s a lot to do between now and when I leave, but my biggest fear is that I’m not going to want to come back. My hope is that I am bitten by the travel bug and can find a way to use my passport for more than just this trip.

So yeah, that’s it. Literally: Hello World!