The Graduate Deans Global Experience is a result of interest among U.S. graduate deans to learn more about the Future Professoriate Global Perspectives program (simply referred to as Global Perspectives Program [GPP}) offered by graduate dean Karen P. DePauw at Virginia Tech and how to implement a similar program at one’s own university.

The week long experience began on July 22 in Paris at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris hosted by President Jean Chambaz.  The following Monday, we  participated in a seminar in the morning on European higher education sponsored by Lesley Wilson, Secretary-General and Thomas Jorgensen, Senior Program Manager for the Council of Doctoral Education (CDE) of the European University Association (EUA) followed by visits to nearby French universities in the afternoon.  For the next few days after leaving Paris, visite University of StrasbourgUniversity of Basel, and University of Zurich on our way to the Italian speaking part of Switzerland and the city of Lugano.  The culminating event of the trip was a workshop/seminar with GPP alumni from Virginia Tech and UniBasel at VT’s Center for European Studies and Architecture (CESA) in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland.

Please search this site for more information about the Graduate Deans global experience and follow the blog entries.  For more information about the Global Perspectives program, please also see the Global Perspectives Switzerland blog.

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