Day 14: Gjort. Tehnyt. Bitmiş. Fait. Fertig. Hecho. Hotovo!!!

Gjort. Tehnyt. Bitmiş. Fait. Fertig. Hecho. Hotovo. However you want to pronounce the word it still means the same thing. I am DONE with my MBA!! Today was the last day of class requirements (minus one final letter but that is so minor that I’m not counting it) which means that once my grades are posted I will officially have my MBA and a piece of paper to prove it. Now if only I had actually learned something…… Smilie: :-)

The day started with my emailing my roomie (and project mate) Allison my final portions of our group paper for Stora Enso. Final paper DONE! (yes, I will do one final read-through before it is submitted but that is trivial considering the previous three years.) After breakfast (no meatballs, sadly) it was off to Maersk.

I did not know what to expect from Maersk. The largest shipping transportation company in the world, I really wasn’t sure whether this was going to be another lecture with no substance. I admit that, after it all was said and done, I’m still not sure what my reaction and thoughts really are. The first two presentations were quite good but for some reason I was having problems grasping the relationship between their topics and our coursework. Do not get me wrong – these were great lectures and I recognize how lucky I was to hear about the history of Maersk and the interesting things that the internal consultants are doing (I might apply to Maersk just to see what happens – it seems like a great, interesting company to work for). However, what really struck me was how it appeared that the consultants were limited. It was very much a pull system – they only got to work on things to which they were invited in. They appeared to be quite busy but I couldn’t help but think that, with their obvious talent, they could really spot deficiencies in the company but were constrained by their mandate. I really would like to see how great they could be if they worked both in a push and pull system.

The second speaker, Ida, was great. She really delved into the logistical aspects of getting a container from Point A to Point B. It was interesting to hear that many times clients will purchase space but then, when it comes time to load, they just don’t show up. I had asked what happenes if the ship isn’t full and the answer was essentially “It ships no matter what.” she did a great job of explaining the financials behind such decisions and relating those financials back to the impact on the supply chain. And she is only 31 years old! Talk about making a person feel as if they haven’t accomplished anything in their life! She was really impressive.

Next was the tour of Carlsberg. This was really a tour lite in that it wasn’t of the production (they don’t give tours in the summer) but the canned tour any tourist can take at the old brewery. Despite some confustion on the time we got a nice, quick tour and then were let loose. For me, this meant the official end of my MBA as the class was over! Yipee! I admit that, in celebration and anticipation, I brought my cap and tassle with me from graduation and put it on. It feels so great to be officially done. And it was pretty darn fun to end it with a beer in hand!

IMG_2834 IMG_2842 IMG_2846 IMG_2849 IMG_2856

After Carlsberg Ben, Pete, and I took off and explored a little more of Copenhagen before dinner. We tried to visit some more churches (shocking, I know) and, to bring us back to where it all stared in Helsinki, most were closed (or at least the really interesting ones). We made our way to Nyhaven where I think we had the best Slurpees from 7-11 in our lives (it got REALLY hot here today).

IMG_2861 IMG_2858 IMG_2862 IMG_2875 IMG_2878 IMG_2879 IMG_2884

The night ended with a final group dinner afterwich Dr. Hoopes gave out the “back of the bus” awards which we had all voted on yesterday. Still not sure how this happened, I was tied for the vote of “most American”, “most interesting purchase” (no clue what anyone was thinking unless they meant my awesome Biosaurus corn snacks and then yes, they are the most awesome thing purchased), and “person who contributed most to the local economies.” On this I do take some umbrage because I have been keeping and totally my receipts. Compared to what some people have told me they were spending nightly on alcohol I think it’s safe to say that this one should be regiven. Smilie: :-) The group dinner ended with one final picture – that of the six of us who all were done after the end of the trip. Congratulations Allison, Cathy, Allyson, Meredith, and Marc – we did it!

IMG_2887Afterwards Ben and I walked around Tivoli Gardens which is just a block down from the hotel. We rode one rollercosatesr and walked around for about two hours before we headed back to the hotel. We did stop for a few moments to listen to the main act on stage tonight – Jaime Cullum. I don’t  know whether it indicates that I’m old or just an American out of touch with European music that I had no clue who this person was. Tomorrow we leave with the rest of the group for the airport where we will head off to pick up our car for our three day vaca in Denmark without 27 othe rpeople along. I can’t wait!

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