Day 12: The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and…..CRAP!

The day started early and we had to leave for a very short trip to the boat terminal for our ferry ride to Denmark. The three hour trip was pretty uneventful. I said au revouir to Sweden atop the ferry with Liz as we made our way out of Gothenburg. Anna was nice enough to give me some more of her Dramamine-like drugs and, despite a pretty bad headache by the end, I was sea-sickness-free. While on I decided to get rid of my last Euro coin by throwing it in a slot machine – and I won big. Or as “Big” as you can win with essentially $0.80. It made me $10, all in 1 Kroner coins. What I thought was going to be a quick game turned into more than 10 minutes as I tried to lose money (crazy thought, I know!). In the ship’s store I found these awesome snacks – Dinosaur cheese puffs! I ended up buying all three kinds for the car ride this weekend.

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Once off the ferry we found the bus and, minus some driving around in circles to pick up three classmates who had went right instead of left at the terminal (I would have done the same thing if I hadn’t been right behind Dr. Hoopes – it was poorly labeled if I say so myself) we were off to southern Denmark. The plan had been to get into Kolding around 3pm and then have the rest of the day to relax and head into town to celebrate roomie Allison’s birthday. Boy, were we in for an adventure!

We stopped for lunch at a roadside rest stop. Fun fact: Apparently the Danes do not believe in toilet seat covers. Thank goodness for all my sorority squats in the group pictures as my calves were able to handle the situation. Shortly after getting on the road we heard a huge “BANG” followed by “THUMP THUMP THUMP”. Jan, our bus driver, pulled over and determined that we could limp the 500 meters to the next roadside water closet. Upon inspection we had blown an inner tire in the back. Four hours later – yup, you read that right, it was FOUR HOURS – the repair guy came and changed the tire. We had the spare but not the tools to do it and there was initially some delay due to the bus being from Sweden but the repair being in Denmark.


I have to say, I was really impressed with how great our group handled the situation. Everyone found something to do. I read a book for a little bit and then just sat and chatted with others. A group got a game of stickball (with a real Danish stick) going thanks to Alex having a tennis ball in his bag. Jenn taught some people this really fun game that has crazy rules I’m convinced she just made up to see how everyone one would deal with it. Cathy had Heads Up on her phone which a bunch of us played. Fun fact: thanks to this game I realize that I am officially OLD – I did not know a single pop person mentioned in this game. In addition there was a cultural sight down a path from the stop where, ages ago, the winning side of an army would take their captive soldiers and kill them and throw them and their weapons in the bog. Now it’s just a cow pasture. In the end, I actually found this to be one of my happiest memories of the trip so far and I think others were also pleasantly pleased with how relaxing a four hour unexpected stop at a Danish Roadside Water Closet could be. Though I have no desire to ever go back to Skanderborg, Denmark.

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A late arrival at the hotel meant a late dinner. Afterwards, it was off to bed for me. Tomorrow is a (hopefully!) fun-filled day at Lego Headquarters and Legoland!

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