Special Update: It’s Not a MN Accent, It’s a Swedish Accent!

I grew up in Minnesota and to this day retain certain major characteristics. I’m “Minnesota Nice” to my core and, though I don’t have the heavy “Fargo” accent, there are certain words and phrases that to the day I die will peg me as a Minnesotan. What I’m finding, though, is that I don’t have a MN accent and I’m not “MN Nice”….I actually have a Swedish accent and I practice “Swedish Nice”.

I do not have a single drop of Swedish ancestry anywhere in my lineage – I’m pretty much Czech with a smidgeon of Irish but walking through the streets of Stockholm and listening in on the site visits today made me feel like I was home in that warm fuzzy way that only “home” can make you – in this case back in Minnesota (not VA). The people all talk with the same mannerisms, inflections, and even inject humor in the exact same way as everyone that I grew up with does and to top it all off everyone looks “Minnesotan”. You could drop an entire city block of Swedes in downtown Minneapolis and no one would look out of place. I wish I could describe it better but I think you have to grow up in an area where everyone’s ancestors emigrated from the same area (Sweden was the predominant country for where I grew up) to truly understand what I’m experiencing. It’s strangely eery.

And to top it off I heard a “Ja, you betcha” come out of my mouth today which pretty much only ever happens after I’ve been in Minnesota for a few days. I’m almost scared to find out how I’m going to sound after one week in this country.

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