Swedish Glass!

Group research projects have been assigned and happily I’ve been assigned (with my awesome partner Allison) Orrefos Kosta Boda, a Swedish glassworks company. All I know about them currently is that they are sold in high-end department stores here in the U.S. When I told my fiance, Ben, that I was going to be visiting glassworks companies his response was “oh crap”. Apparently I will have to watch my spending while visiting!

I’m actuallyBowl really interested in the manufacturing of these products. I loved my time in Ireland visiting the different crystal factories in Waterford and Dingle and am really curious to see the similarities/differences. I admit that I had no clue that Sweden had a glassworks tradition so I’m interested to learn more about the products, production, and distribution.

And I’m sure I’ll spend more than I mean to on some nice piece of glass. Smilie: :-)

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