Outside of school, I have devoted much of my time to the Multiple Sclerosis Society (MS Society). Unfortunately, my aunt passed away from complications of this disease in 2009. Now, my mother struggles with a minor case of the disease. Every year, I attend the local walk and donate a portion of my earnings (along with my mother’s) to the society.

On a side note, every Christmas, my mother and her co-workers participate in a local charity that gives presents to underprivileged children. When I come back for winter break, I am always eager to lend a helping hand for this charity. It feels nice to have given back to the community.

I devote my time to these organizations, because it makes me feel better as a person. Having gone through the struggles of watching someone cope with the stresses of a disease, it is all I can do to give my aid in finding a possible cure. Growing up, I have always been thankful for my privileges and the life I have. I was taught that it is important to give back to those in need, not out of obligation, but from the warmness of your heart.

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