Many of us have a daily routine; we wake up, take a shower, make a cup of coffee, go to class/work, etc. etc. In the midst of this, we often concentrate solely on ourselves. In society today, you can hardly walk down the sidewalk (whether it be New York City or a college campus) without bumping into someone checking his/her phone. And many of us have been guilty of doing this, including myself. We are stuck in our own little technological world, where WE are the center of attention, and the world revolves around US. So why do I care so much about this topic, and why should we all care? Because I felt like I was becoming more self-centered, and I began to forget about the other people in the world. It’s amazing how different the environment is when you look up from your technological devices every now and then. You begin to appreciate the world in a way that you didn’t know existed. Colors and objects begin to expose themselves, and you really get an opportunity to observe others. Imagine if society was able to just take one day and give up cell phones and iPods or anything of the sort. While this is not the most challenging problem that the world faces, I do believe that we would obtain a new sense of self if we were able to put the devices down for a little. In a world where technology controls us, let’s step aside for just a bit and observe what we’ve been missing all along.


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