Higher Ed… what are we doing here?

What would I change about higher ed?

Well, a lot. I would change the tenure process. It’s complicated, narrow-focused (generally), and it doesn’t necessarily make sense to me. How would I fix it? I honestly couldn’t say.

I would love to see more access of higher education for free. Oh yes, you heard me right, FREE. I said(wrote) it. I have been very blessed to attend college in Georgia, my home state and source of HOPE scholarships. What does that mean? If I kept my grades up I got to go to school for FREE. I graduated without debt, I could choose what school I wanted to go to for graduate school without worrying about recovering from debt. Debt is far too common.

I would make our universities more accessible to the public. We shouldn’t be in ivory towers, nor seen as being in such. Extension should have a greater presence. Many students don’t even know what extension is!

“That I may serve”. Not ourselves, others. We should be focusing on higher education for the greater good, not just a piece of paper with a fat salary and a fancy frame to stick on the wall.

5 thoughts on “Higher Ed… what are we doing here?”

  1. I can’t agree more with all of these points… I especially like the sound of the HOPE scholarship you were talking about. It only seems to make sense that if you keep your grades up you should be able to go to college and not come out with crippling debt.

    As for the tenure problem, I would say the solution is to get rid of it entirely. That way you keep pressure on professors to perform and take all of their responsibilities seriously.

    1. Amen to that! The HOPE has a lot of debate around it since it’s funded through the lotto. The issue is how could we change these things or even start to change them?

  2. I have met many undergraduate students complaining about the huge tuition in the United States, and the expense of supporting a university student surprised me. The incredibly big amount student loan not only restrain the students’ freedom to study further for Graduate School instead of working to pay off the debts, but also put a big pressure and stress on the students while they are studying. I am glad you were selected by HOPE program and choose your career flexibly after your undergraduate. Hope more young people can benefit from similar program, and learn what they want to learn.

    1. The program is amazing! It’s available to all students in Georgia, as long as they attend an in-state school and keep a high GPA (above a B I think). Now they have SAT score requirements and it’s hard to get in but the idea is still the same.

  3. I think the new proposal of Obama for free universal two year community college education can help in making the higher education more accessible to the public.

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