Open Access

After hunting for some nutrition related journals I found an appropriately titled Food and Nutrition Research journal.

This journal doesn’t seem to have a specific location, but the publisher,┬áCo-Action Publishing, is responsible for more than 30 open access journals and is located in Sweden.

The journal aims to act as a place to exchange ideas in original papers and reviews between both academic and private users. The journal notes that nutrition topics of the journal would be of interest to “Dentists, Dieticians, Medical doctors, Nutritionists, Teachers, Journalists and Manufacturers in the food and pharmaceutical industries”, a wide array of readers.

It appears the journal is rather new or unrefined, as many areas on the site are under construction. The journal notes that the open access policy means that the journal is available directly via their website, through Google Scholar and on the directory of Open Access Journals. The journals views seems to align with the idea of open access, as does the ideas of the publishing company, which has many journals that are open access.

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