Case for case-based learning

Recently I read an article on case-based learning in the nutrition field. At first glimpse of the title I thought to myself, “why WOULDN’T we use this method?”

The study, a little method heavy for me, examined successes and student perceptions of case-based learning in upper level undergraduate nutrition classes.  It’s an interesting read if you have the time. If not.. here’s a short summary.

Case-based learning:

  • Real-world problem-based learning
  • Working in groups
  • Critical thinking: analyzing, evaluating, and creating

I’m definitely going to think more on how to incorporate this in future classes!

2 thoughts on “Case for case-based learning”

  1. I like this type of learning… helps me ground classroom discussion in reality. I tend to pull in real world case studies from my own field into the courses I teach but am always looking to improve so thanks for posting this article.

    1. You’re welcome! I completely agree as well. We did some case studies when I was doing pre-vet and wow, it was so helpful.

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