Pedagogy: Pony Edition

Allow me to take liberties here. Okay, lots of liberties. I’m going to talk pony.

Today I made a connection. A friend of mine at the barn agreed to work with my horse and I on groundwork. This involves getting the horse more “in tune” with your body language so they respond with the slightest of cues.

In the middle of her explanation she noted “it’s not about showing them what the answer is, it’s about asking the question in the correct and patient way that allows them to give the proper answer.”

Oh the proverbial light bulb flicked on, and this sucker was a megawatt bulb.

Is that not what teaching is in problem based learning? We ask questions, and we must structure the questions so the student doesn’t get too frustrated. We need to pose the questions such that a student may arrive at the desired answer.

It’s an interesting connection. How often do we use pedagogical techniques outside of the classroom when working with others? Animals, even? It’s interesting to ponder.

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