Code of Ethics

As a student in the Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise Department here at Virginia Tech, I naturally searched for a code of ethics from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This code focuses on the honest conduct of members and promotion of the code of ethics through the American Dietetic Association which is found here. There are responsibilities to the public, clients, and the profession which generally pertain to respectful behavior towards others and the use of the knowledge learned. It’s awfully long, a massive document, and much is rather intuitive, or one would think.

It’s overwhelming. I think it outlines important topics (be respectful, help others) which may be intuitive to some, but I suppose the code is there for a reason… it was likely an issue at some point.

I snooped around the ORI website, naturally clicking on ethics in human research studies. It seems to me like it’s another form of the Institutional Review Board certification that many of us using humans in research at Virginia Tech must have. It’s a good tool to have on your graduate student researcher belt, both as a researcher and as a study participant. It has definitely helped me to understand just how difficult some studies are to conduct, especially when they involve taking samples from participants. Don’t even try to use a sensitive population (children)- that’s a whole new ball game. It’s rather comforting that these ethics codes exist but I can’t help but wonder, do people actually read them?

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