Sunday morning musings

Here are five thoughts from my brain:

  1. PolyMi was truly an incredible university. The campus had a very industrial feel, which was interesting considering they are equal parts engineering and design. I felt incredibly inspired by the Dean of the graduate school. He gets it. I was blown away by how much financial support PhD students get, but I still struggle to understand where the money comes from. I think the personalized career services they provide to graduate students is radical.
  2. When we travelled to PolyMi, I felt an immediate shift in energy once we crossed the border from Switzerland to Italy. I have not experienced such a blatant difference in my previous travels.
  3. Visiting Bellinzona was like a fairy tale. I was filled to the brim with butterflies. Everything made me overwhelmed with gratitude. Very few people in my world would ever get to experience something like this.
  4. I have moved on to learning everyone’s middle name. I know everyone in the group by first and last night. Its time to get even more connected. I love how quickly we have all become friends. This is a very special component to my experience.
  5. That Syrah….

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