The night of departure (+58 hours)

It is approximately 58 hours after I left Washington DC for Switzerland. Whoops. My departure actually started longer than 58 hours ago, as I took the train from Roanoke to DC Thursday early morning (As an aside, the train is a fantastic form of travel from the Blacksburg area to the capitol!) I landed in Zürich early Friday morning, almost three whole days before the official start to GPP. To be honest, the program was not on my mind.

It has been four years since I last left the country…fours years since I put myself in uncomfortable foreign experiences…four years since I submerged into another culture. My whole journey to country was centered around my soul and how much I feel like I needed a break from ‘real life’.

I felt and still feel nervous, like I am not ready to have my whole perspective shifted. But here I am, soaking in all that is Zürich and getting to do it with great company. I look forward to all of the learning, both professional and personal that lies ahead. I hope I can go back to the US a stronger, wiser, and more focused person.

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