I started this blog for one reason: I had to for my class. I have never had a good sense of what “blogging” was. In fact, I’m kind of a luddite in general. However, I have since come around to the idea, and find that not only can blogging be highly educational, but it is fun as well! The title of the blog is based on the song from the children’s movieĀ Anastasia, which I always loved when I was growing up. It is also fitting because I find that most of my posts are on cultural subjects. My other interests include architecture and analyzing legal documents, which you might have picked up on from my blog topics.

Editorial Board for Rabotnitsa, a women's magazine

Editorial Board for Rabotnitsa, a women’s magazine


I have also learned a lot about researching, myself, and of course, Russia in the 20th Century from this experience. I hope you enjoy reading!

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