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Social Media and Higher Education

A bit of background: I belong to the “Pro Faculty Use of Social Media” camp. I have established a presence on various social media platforms over the years, and seen my use of these channels change as my career has taken shape. Six years ago, things looked a lot different. I was in the “anti-social […] Continue reading

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Communicating Science on Social Media

Tomorrow night in the Preparing the Future Professoriate class we are participating in a “Communicating Science” workshop. While this workshop will focus on improvisation games to increase oral communication skills, another area for science communication I believe is important is via social media. Here are a few: 1. Communication is your responsibility. Who is the […] Continue reading

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Social Media Today

This evening in the Preparing Future Professoriate class we watched an earlier version of a brief video and I was intrigued and felt compelled to share. Check it out when you have a chance. EDIT: for some reason the link … Continue reading Continue reading

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Social media: What we want?

After reflecting about our discussion about privacy and the use of social media during class this evening, a few questions about: Is Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media sites a means for us (not you or me specifically, but … Continue reading Continue reading

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