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I am a graduate student at Virginia Tech pursing my PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering. My research involves water quality in premise plumbing systems, waterborne disease causing pathogens, and hot water heater system design and installation practices. I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary research that includes public health, public perception, utility management considerations, and good ol' fashioned water research. I am also interested in the movement toward green building practices and how the consideration involved in designing a green water system effect the consumer. In addition, I'm interested in pursing a faculty teaching position after graduation. I'm not to a point where I know what type of position would best suit me, but I'm confident in my passion and ability to be an effective educator. I'm currently enrolled in a nine credit certificate process to aid in my eventual understanding of higher education and the role that I can play in it.

“reality check”

Something that one of my favorite teachers did, that I plan to do in my classes, is have a “reality check” for each overarching topic in his fluid mechanic course. … Continue Reading → Continue reading

Spread too thin…

Do you ever feel like you’re spread too thin? Of course you do. You are. Everyone feels that way at times. And there are times when we probably truly are … Continue Reading → Continue reading

Is google fundamentally anti-human?

Knowing isn’t everything. I feel like there are endless accounts where experience overwrites the ability of someone to predict and outcome based on the knowledge available. Take for example creating … Continue Reading → Continue reading

Make me laugh, clown!

An analogy: It’s less stressful for your brain to watch a dumber than dumb comedy than a heavy movie where you’re intended to think about the issues being discussed in … Continue Reading → Continue reading

PBL: Lost in the forest…

I’m still feeling a little apprehensive about PBL. Brandon’s blog was especially helpful to, as he put it, lift the fog a little bit, but I’m still overwhelmed with the … Continue Reading → Continue reading

You’re saying that b/c I’m white, aren’t you…

That isn’t something you really hear. I’ve never really thought of myself as stereotyped. I’m white, male, tall, have blue eyes, married…I have a stereotype. So why don’t I feel/realize … Continue Reading → Continue reading

A jug, a tap, some determinaion

I thought Dr. Fowler’s metaphor of the jugs filling up the trash can was pretty great. While trying to achieve some higher, common goal, everyone’s ability to do so starts … Continue Reading → Continue reading

“Hey, Teacher! Leave them kids alone!”

Bassist Roger Waters may have been on to something when he wrote “Another Brick in the Wall” on Pink Floyd’s rock opera album The Wall. Although, some of the “working … Continue Reading → Continue reading

Blogging for the technically inclined.

“Like daffodils in the early days of spring, my neurons were resprouting receptors as the winter of my illness ebbed.” –Susannah Cahalan, Brain On Fire; My month of madness   … Continue Reading → Continue reading

Erm. Hi There.

Thought I’d delete the generic “Hello world!” post – not that it isn’t adequate or that I don’t want to say hello (,”Hello.”); I just thought that I’d say hello … Continue Reading → Continue reading