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A PhD Student at Virginia Tech. This blog was created as a class requirement for Contemporary Pedagogy - Spring 2013.

Shades of Gray: Professional Codes of Ethics in Action

In addition to being a PhD candidate, I am first and foremost a Registered Dietitian. As such, I have agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics for the Profession of Dietetics set forth by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This code consists of 19 principles, grouped in to 5 categories: Fundamental Principles; Responsibilities […] Continue reading

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Jack of All Trades and a Master at Each

It seems the case that faculty are often put in a position where they are expected to be a jack of all trades and a master at each. Certainly an ambitious and unattainable goal given the multitude of responsibilities faculty (particularly those with dual research and teaching roles at institutions like Virginia Tech) face. The […] Continue reading

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Are Faculty Neglecting Their Teaching Responsibilities?

I have to admit that I get annoyed with the faculty bashing that seems to occur, and in my opinion, started to surface in last week’s class. The view of many seemed to be that good researchers tend to neglect their teaching responsibilities and not put time in to their courses and students. While that […] Continue reading

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Academic Freedom – What Does It Mean to You?

I started reading the book Academic Duty by Donald Kennedy, former president of Stanford University. He begins by describing Academic Duty as the counterpart to “Academic Freedom” – which traditionally refers to the “insulation of professors and their institutions  from political interference”. While I see the importance of this, particularly in the past, this is […] Continue reading

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Mission Statements: Land Grant Institute vs. Academic Medical Center

My undergraduate education took me from Massachusetts out to the University of Wyoming – a land grant institute, and the only 4-year university in the state. Without several in-state universities or professional sports teams competing for the affection and loyalty of residents, there was strong support for, and pride in the University nestled in Laramie, […] Continue reading

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Still trying to successfully link to GRAD 5104 Motherblog…. Continue reading

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TEST – PFP Fall 2015

Testing to make sure my blog links correctly to the motherblog. Back soon with more posts.

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I Don’t Like TED Talks

I realize I might be one of the few individuals in this country to not be in love with TED (and TEDx) Talks. It seems that people swarm to them on YouTube like ants to a summer picnic, but if I’m being honest, they generally don’t “do it” for me. I wish I were an English major(…) Continue reading

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iPad Adventures

Thanks to my Contemporary Pedagogy instructor being able to rent out iPads to all of us ‘unfortunate’ graduate students without one of our very own, I have had access to this device for the past semester. Initially, I was pretty excited but also a bit cautious. Why cautious? Well, I didn’t want to become reliant(…) Continue reading

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Lessons in “Multi-Tasking”

More often than not, successful individuals claim they are great at multi-tasking. However, the literature suggests that we really can’t multi-task, but instead “task-switch”. I too used to think I was so great at multitasking. Cut to January 2012 in Lake Tahoe for a ski trip. While heading out the door to walk over to(…) Continue reading

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