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T is for… tension, teams, and tipping points

“Team” sounds synonymous with “tension” for me.  Angst sets in before I even know who is on my team, what our purpose is, and how we might go about, what will likely be a vague task with limited resources and  high expectations (of ourselves and from others).  Although I can admit that the tension I […] Continue reading

Adaption, innovation and organizational fit

Before returning to graduate school I spent eight years in the nonprofit sector.  In total, I’ve spent nearly 14 years serving on nonprofit boards, consulting, and supporting volunteers and employees in my place of work achieve the organization’s mission.  Of the organizations I’ve engaged with, two of them presented what seemed like unending challenges for […] Continue reading

The Crisis in Ukraine

While working from home on Sunday evening, I was listening to 60 minutes in the background.  The news program caught my attention as as the focus shifted to Ukrain and a segment entitled, “The heart of the revolution.”  The reporters suggested that a “team mentality” had developed in Independence Square, contributing to the success of […] Continue reading

Trust in the Board Room

Trust is a powerful construct.  It is essential for teams to succeed due to the interdependency required to accomplish shared goals (Franz, 2012).  Mayer, Davis, and Schoorman (1995) define trust as “being vulnerable to the actions of another team member as well as expecting another team member will perform as expected” (as cited in Franz, […] Continue reading

Reflections from Parker Palmer

The following reflections are excerpts from The Courage to Teach:  A Guide to Reflection and Renewal, by Parker Palmer.  Enjoy. Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher. Identity lies in the intersection of the diverse forces that make up life, while integrity lies in relating […] Continue reading

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Social Innovation & the Arts

I’ve recently joined a team of scholars and faculty who organize Community Voices, and in preparation for next week’s discussion, I’ve learned a great deal about The Crooked Road: Virginia’s Music Heritage Trail.  Jack Hinshelwood, executive director, and a team of innovative civic leaders conceived the idea in January 2003 to generate economic development and […] Continue reading

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Ellen, Multi-tasking, & Teaching

Last week I met with a team of students from my class and a student expressed to me that she didn’t see the point in spending time developing an activity for their project because she wasn’t responsible for whether or not learners were engaged and learning during the event… if they wanted to learn, they […] Continue reading

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Media Involvement in Social Change Efforts

Please forgive me for the personal nature of this post.  I’m outraged, overwhelmed and literally shocked at the news out of Philadelphia reporting the case of late term abortions being performed by Kermit Gosnell and his staff.  My initial emotional response to the details of the operation and treatment of infants born alive was quickly […] Continue reading

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“Philanthropy is the market for love”

Dan Pallotta says it well… “The way we think about charity is dead wrong.”  He proposes that the sector is dichotomous – you can do good, but you won’t make a good living, or you can make a difference, but you won’t be celebrated or acknowledged for your personal and professional accomplishes in the same […] Continue reading

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Examining My Authentic Teaching Self

I have to be honest, I don’t know who my authentic teaching self is.  I enjoy teaching, but I fail to prepare effectively.  I relish the “ah-ha” moments in class, but dread SPOTs at the end of the semester.  I value the relationships developed in and out of the classroom, but I can easily loose […] Continue reading

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