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I'm a physicist who sees the world a bit differently. I started this blog for a class, but am pushing to learn how to write more effectively and to get my name out there. I want everyone to learn physics and not fear something they intuitively know. Welcome to my blog, I hope you learn something new. Feel free to email me at Gmail: themisterphysics

Communicating Science

How can science be discussed more easily and communicated to those who are not in those fields.  That’s what I enjoyed about this topic.  Since I’m in the sciences, and I’ve done a lot of improv, this was quite a fun and interesting topic. Alan Ada and Brian Greene’s conversation (not sure if that was […] Continue reading

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Christmas Price Index

This is somewhat unrelated, but I figured I’d share. Heard the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” ?  Everyone at least remembers FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!!  Maybe Seven Swans A-Swimming?  Well, take a listen and then ask yourself, how much would all that cost?  How much did it cost 10 years ago?  Well, PNC Bank has […] Continue reading

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American Physical Society Statistics I suggest if you’re reading this to go to the link above and read that first.  Done? Okay, so as you’ve seen, there is much data on scientists (specifically physics here) from the years past and there is much to learn.  The amount of money a bachelor or a masters holder makes sometimes affects […] Continue reading

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Ethics in Conferences

So I have to retell this story as my first post did not make it to the home blog.  I will keep a lot of the details private as I do not want my friend to be known nor have the wrong people notified. So this story comes from my friend who submitted her work […] Continue reading

The Third Test

I’ve uploaded several blogs already and I cannot seem to get them to work, so I try again.  For someone who can program, this is unusual and frustrating. Continue reading

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What is this blogging thing?

Well, here I am, testing out this blog.  Could say this is the trial run, hopefully if it works you can ask me questions on how I was able to get this far.  I even added the tag and hopefully, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to Blogs@VT Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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