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Shaun K. Riebl, MS, RD PhD Student Virginia Tech Dept of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise (0430) Water INTERface: Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (IGEP) Laboratory for Eating Behaviors and Weight Management 229 Wallace Hall Blacksburg, VA 24061 email:

Struggling with PBL

PBL is new to me and I was excited to read more about it. The resources we were given this past week really helped to conceptualize the PBL concepts and principles; however, I’m struggling to formulate strategies to apply PBL … Continue reading Continue reading

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Students being globalized or Americanized?

The article by Braskamp titled “Developing Global Citizens” brought points that I was able to resonate with; however, what impacted me most was his brief questioning of Americanization. That is, if rather than experiencing different cultures and traditions, are we are … Continue reading Continue reading

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Taking it further

After reading about Alan Alder and the Center for Communicating Science and reading this article on the Inside Higher Ed website, I really started contemplating what if dissertations became more…whoa, whoa, whoa. Not more work, but more in terms of … Continue reading Continue reading

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Exploitation of international students with accreditation claim.

Since we were discussing accreditation last week, I wanted to share this article that was recently published on the Inside Higher Education website. In short, the school supposedly claimed to be accredited since they were a subsidiary of the Aristotle University College … Continue reading Continue reading

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Surfing and inclusive pedagogy.

Reflecting about the brief conversation we had in class on Wednesday evening  and after scanning some of the resources about inclusive pedagogy, I had some thoughts. Personally, all of my early education was tiered; there were the A, B, and … Continue reading Continue reading

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Blogging helped one PhD student; maybe it can help us?

Hello all, Wanted to share this link to a column recently written for The Chronicle of Higher Education. The author mentions how blogging benefited him (e.g. his writing confidence grew gradually and it provided him networking opportunities) and shares some … Continue reading Continue reading

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Social Media Today

This evening in the Preparing Future Professoriate class we watched an earlier version of a brief video and I was intrigued and felt compelled to share. Check it out when you have a chance. EDIT: for some reason the link … Continue reading Continue reading

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Social media: What we want?

After reflecting about our discussion about privacy and the use of social media during class this evening, a few questions about: Is Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media sites a means for us (not you or me specifically, but … Continue reading Continue reading

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