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the Life of Pie

I totally out did myself once again on a strawberry rhubarb pie.  If I do say so myself, I make ridiculously delicious pies.  Which has nothing to do with pedagogy really except that something occurred to me as I was … Continue reading Continue reading

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Leadership in the Classroom

Leadership.  What is that?  Before you read any further,  just make a mental note or jot down some characteristics that you think make a good leader.  Here is a website that describes characteristics of a good leader (I don’t think … Continue reading Continue reading

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A blog turned into a thank you –

My authentic self.  Lately the true me is a stressed out, narcissistic, self absorbed, hyper- caffeinated jerk.  If I had to walk into a classroom today and “turn it on” as I mentioned in class I would probably be quite … Continue reading Continue reading

Put me in coach!

Problem based learning has me super charged excited!  Here’s why: At the CIDER Pedagogy conference this February, I attended a Problem Based Learning session.  For this session, a group of us volunteered to participate – we were asked to name … Continue reading Continue reading

Passive Tolerance vs Unconditional Inclusivity

I was raised to be tolerant of all individuals no matter skin color, religion, sexuality.  And it was left pretty much at that.  Tolerance.  Then as I moved through my life’s journey, I had life experiences that made hasty generalizations … Continue reading Continue reading

Laurie Bianchi a.k.a. Darth Vader

Is it possible to go from being Darth Vader to being a GEDI padawan?  I hate to admit it, but long time ago in a semester far far away, in the first class I ever taught, I was that authoritarian … Continue reading Continue reading

A. Mistakes, B. Coffee, C. Education Revolution, D. All of the above

The PBS video that we were asked to watch had some very valid points.   To summarize John Seely Brown in the video – The need to memorize is 20th century.  The need to navigate in a buzz of … Continue reading Continue reading

The Reluctant Blogger In a previous class, we were required to blog.  And journal.  I did not mind the journaling, but the blogging was uncomfortable.  Although, I often received very nice comments on the blogs I posted.  And here I am in … Continue reading Continue reading

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