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Mission Statement of Virginia Tech and Harvard College

I’ve been a hokie for 3 years, but never thought about the mission statement of Virginia Tech. I love Virginia Tech and this assignment brings a very good opportunity for me to get to know its mission. Being very curious, I searched on the VT website and copy and paste it here as shown below: […] Continue reading

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The objective of problem based learning (PBL)  is to train students on how to solve real-world problems. Actually, problem-solving skill is very important no matter you are a CEO of a big company, or a waiter/waitress in a restaurant, or a professor at a university, or a researcher in a national lab, or a policy-maker […] Continue reading

Racism exists now?

Last week, we read an article about the hidden brain,where Vedantam states that unconscious messages are actually far more influential than conscious messages and will always tell us people’s races, even from a very young age. I agree with his statement, but I think the recognization/awareness of races is not unconscious because it’s easy for […] Continue reading

diversity is everywhere

Let’s look at a orchestra. It consists of at least one guitarist, one bassist, one keyboardist/pianist, and a drummer, and the lead singer. If everyone played drums and no guitars, nor singer, nor keyboardist or bassist, you can imagine the boring situation instead of a orchestra. This is the diversity in a orchestra. In a […] Continue reading

Why technologies?

Before we talk about the reasons why to use technologies in education, I’d like to share the following interesting video about the history of technology in education, where simple drawings are used to describe different ages of education in a timeline ranging from 30,000 BC to the year of 2000. Everything has been developing along history, […] Continue reading

Blogging to me

Blogging, oh my god, never thought about doing it in English,  my second language, especially after my advisor joked on my report, saying that it’s bleeding (you know when people review a paper, the changes will usually become red; so after my advisor reviewed my report, most of the fonts were changed from black to […] Continue reading