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Teaching Philosophy

I was told by some colleagues a few years into their PhD Programs that writing their own teaching philosophies was the hardest task of their academic careers thus far (I’m assuming the “thus far” leaves room for their dissertations to be harder).  After writing my teaching philosophy for this class, I concur.  This assignment was(…) Continue reading

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Digital Sabbath

Like the rest of us I am constantly connected with the outside world via my iPhone or other digital connetions.  As the weather has warmed up over the last few weeks, I have spent most Saturdays hiking.  The result has been hours of disconnection…..disconnection from tasks, responsibilities, and people.  I was missing some things…..but nothing(…) Continue reading

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The Authentic Self

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hear from Dr. Janet Murray in class last week.  While I appreciated her topic, it was her story that most intrigued me.  I was guilty of “hidden brain” syndrome as I was confronted with the fact that I didn’t expect a “digital design visionary” to be a 67 year(…) Continue reading

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Follow up on “Starting Now”

Last week I committed to trying three new “creative” teaching methods in the recitation sections I teach.  I started both classes with the “write a question” exercise.  This was enough to get the conversation started!  As each student shared their questions, others either shared the same questions or were able to answer the questions themselves.(…) Continue reading

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Starting Now

The last few weeks of reading for this course have been centered around the PBL, teaching styles, learning styles, etc.  All of this material has been very helpful and has affirmed the same thing:  Teaching needs a change up! For this blog, rather than reflecting on what I am learning, I am writing down a(…) Continue reading

The Process of Learning

This article from The Chronicle of Higher Education is along the same vein of what we have been discussing in class lately.  The author shares about her realization that she needed to let her students “find their way” in the projects they were producing.  This “epiphane” is connected to PBL.  While PBL is a teaching(…) Continue reading

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Steve Martin: A Life Worth Examining

This past weekend a little bit of “Hollywood” came to Blacksburg through Steve Martin.  I haven’t lived here in Blacksburg long so I’m not sure if it is common to have such high profile celebrities grace our community.  For me, it was a “big deal” and a great opportunity to take a “daycation”…….I didn’t think(…) Continue reading

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Life Long Learning

As a current PhD student whose life has morphed into nothing but reading and writing, words like “life time” (even when connected to a “good” word like “learning”) are nausea-inducing.  How can I do this FOREVER? However, the reality is that life-long learning will become, most of the time, a life-giving activity that enhances my(…) Continue reading

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Othering carries with it, at times, a negative connotation.  Do we treat others a certain way simply because they are them and not us? However, othering can also be of benefit to both parties.  What do I know about the other?  Do I assume things?  Or am I intentional about asking questions?  Do I let them guide(…) Continue reading

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The Power of Empowerment

This week’s reading, The Balance of Power, included much needed reminders of the “benefits of powersharing” within the classroom. I myself have been a student of a professor who portrayed a powerful, dictorial-type persona within the classroom.  As an adult learner, it was clear to me that her “powerful” persona was overcompensation for her own(…) Continue reading

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