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Hola ! mi nombre es Ivette Valenzuela-Yu; tengo multiples roles en mi vida, soy mama , esposa, hija, hermana, tia , amiga y profesional de la salud. Tengo un sistema de valores y creencias que estan basados en en amor al projimo y ayuda al mas necesitado. Mi trabajo ha sido siempre enfocado en la sociedad: Hace aproximandamente un mes (May 26) me removieron un tumor maligno de mi glandula lacrimal derecha. Pero como buena cristiana y guerrera he comenzado a luchar contra el cancer. Mis pilares son Dios,mi familia y amigos. Asi que en nombre de Dios estoy curada y para adelante!

International Higher Education

Higher Education is different in different countries, religion, gender, economic position and political ideologies play a role and determine who gets it ,  and where – when education is given. In El Salvador, higher education is public (small % of population get access) and private (only people that can afford it have access to it). […] Continue reading

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PBL- When the theory meets the practice.

PBL offers a new educational environment and helps to decrease the boredom, but still it can create certain uncertainty, on one hand students might think that PBL looks like a lot of work  and on the other hand the educators might find that even thought PBL is a very innovated way of teaching, still they […] Continue reading

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Information/Education is always the KEY!

When we speak about  food deserts and chronic diseases, it is frustrating to see how people can get sick due to their location and accessibility to grocery stores, but what happens when people have a healthier food choice and still do not take it?, well we can assume that income will be a barrier, also […] Continue reading

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Communicating knowledge… a skill!

Have you ever been at the doctor’s office and the doc is talking and talking and you do not understand? Have you ever seen a person looking at you as they do not understand? Did you realize that it is not because they do not understand your words? It is because they do not really […] Continue reading

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Posición económica como determinante de enfermedades crónicas.

Comunidades saludables: Toda causa tiene un efecto y una repercusión cada acción, es fácil de decir pero muy difícil de analizar y entender. Las enfermedades son así, tienen una relación con  causalidad directa o indirecta, si bien hemos tenido una transición epidemiológico y las enfermedades crónicas se han convertido en las principales causas  de  muerte, […] Continue reading

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Academic Freedom – Academic Tenure – Job Stability

Integrity in Science is expected, as well as  ethical behavior. Academic freedom is  linked to academic tenure , therefore in order to get a tenure  a professor needs to prove that she/he can teach, do research (publish) and serve. What happens in institutions where the professors need to do research and with it bring money […] Continue reading

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Web of Causation- SES

Redesign  communities to improve their health. Every cause has an effect and every action a repercussion, it is easy to say but very hard to analyze and understand. Diseases are like that, they have a direct or indirect causation; while we have been having an epidemiological transition and chronic diseases have become the leading and […] Continue reading

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A good pathway to education starts in………… Family or kindergarten?

We all know that the first school is the family, but what happened when it is time to start  education at school level? . During the past State of the Union (February 12, 2013), our President spoke about early education and its importance in kids developments and their outcomes. The President also spoke about early […] Continue reading

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An enjoyable learning experience.

Creating an enjoyable learning environment goes beyond of having a nice campus and/or access to technology, it is more about being able to create an environment where students develop a critical thinking, it is transforming a classroom from a place where students have to go to a place where they want to go, I know  […] Continue reading

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Can net communication decrease humanity?

Social networking has great and bad aspects, on one hand we can feel that the world has become flat, yes now we can go online and find mostly everyone and also get in contact we people that we never thought  we will do it again,  net communication is cheap, almost always fast and can be […] Continue reading

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