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Remembering Your Humanity as a Grad Student

A good article to remind us to take care of our “humanity” during this busy time of the year. Continue reading

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Open Access

Open Journal of Preventive Medicine-  Information below is taken directly off the journals website: Where (location, organization, university, etc.) is the journal?- Place of Public Relation: Irvine CA 92619-4821, USA. As a way to cut the cost, our operation office is located in … Continue reading Continue reading

MOOCS- An Early Report Card

After researching MOOCS a bit, I ran across a few interesting articles. One article I found listed all the places you could access free, online classes. But, what I found to be disturbing is that one of the larger suppliers … Continue reading Continue reading

Change in Higher Education

What would I change in higher education? This is a tough question since we can hypothetically only change one thing. I think I would change the learning environment. I would move more toward student-centered learning, active learning, and/ or problem … Continue reading Continue reading

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What it Means to be a Faculty Member

Being a faculty member means you are intellectually curious and engaged in discovering both questions and answers to issues relevant to your discipline, your community, your country and your world. Your intellectual curiosity will hopefully drive your research. Being a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of Communicating Science

Last week, from my perspective, it appeared our group really enjoyed the communicating science exercise. Today I was quickly looking through Facebook posts and I noticed an article called, “Are You A Phone Person?” ( This article caught my eye … Continue reading Continue reading

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Research Misconduct Case

I was shocked. I read about a professor from the University of Pittsburg ( who plagiarized text and falsified data in two unpublished manuscripts and two National Health Institute grant applications. I guess I’m naive, but I never dreamed a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Cost and Access in Higher Education

Northern Essex Community College (NECC), is a community college in Massachusetts with two campuses, one in Haverhill and the other in Lawrence, the state’s poorest city. eUNH is part of the University of New Hampshire (UNH), a land-, sea-, and … Continue reading Continue reading

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Rewarding Curiosity….

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Old School and New School

I did my undergraduate work from 1991-1995. Before laptops were popular, or even affordable, before email really took hold, before PowerPoint and before most of the information we receive on a daily basis was digitalized. I, and the rest of … Continue reading Continue reading