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It is onnly for trying.
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Challenges of Higher Education in Libya

Introduction to Libya: Libya is located in North Africa, and has a coast of about 2000 Kilometers (1250 Miles) on the Mediterranean Sea, and it… Continue reading

Faculty member

A faculty member is an educator who works at a college or university. A faculty member is someone who is a member of the faculty… Continue reading

Change in Higher Education

Also, I would like to share my thought about Higher Education. I hope if there are FDI short courses that are about the principle concepts… Continue reading

Teaching with Integrity

I read some topics in the book of teaching with Integrity, and I would like to share these advantages of teaching with Integrity with you…. Continue reading

what is not given is lost

I would like to share my though about what I have found in text book of finite element method. Really, I like this statement: what… Continue reading

Numbers of young scientists declining in Japan

I read this article “Numbers of young scientists declining in Japan”, which I found in this link: I concluded that: Government policies play an… Continue reading


Mentoring is a development partnership by which one can share knowledge, information, skills, thoughts, and experience with others. Mentoring gives us an opportunity of being… Continue reading

the University of Libya

I am looking for knowing the first university in Libya.  I found that the first university in Libya was the University of Libya which was… Continue reading