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Flagships and Land-Grants

Many states are set up with flagship and land-grant universities. Virginia has VT and UVA, South Carolina has USC and Clemson, and my home state of North Carolina features UNC and North Carolina State University. This makes a significant impact … Continue reading Continue reading

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My teaching paradigm

Recently, I’ve been exploring social constructionist ideas in research and my personal life. I agree with Kenneth Burke, that life is a reflection of symbol use. Burke goes on to say that when the heart stops beating, the symbol-user stops…..using, … Continue reading Continue reading

Tethered to Technology

On the course CN site, I posted a video about Google Glass, an augmented reality technology that is always working for those wearing the glasses. Users just say “Ok Glass, take photo [or other command here].” It is a device … Continue reading Continue reading

Digital Student Responsibility

This week I’ve been considering a change for the next semester of my teaching experience. My course design requires students to keep track of dates when online assignments are due. Although I give them all the information in class before … Continue reading Continue reading

PBL Assignments and Inquiry

This week we read an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education titled “Setting Students’ Minds on Fire.” I really enjoyed this article and discussion of how to make students care in classes. I recently read a book titled “Teaching … Continue reading Continue reading

Some consensus on PBL at VT and a compromise

Over the past few weeks I have been speaking with students in passing about problem based learning (PBL), and group projects. I have found that students do not like these assignments just as I did not as an undergraduate. Two … Continue reading Continue reading


This week we had a group of readings on problem-based learning. While I believe PBL is a good idea in education, I think it should be only implemented where the material allows and where all group members can benefit. Material- … Continue reading Continue reading

Local and Global, and Freire

Briefly on global learners- I think that globalism does not serve people as well as localism. While many other students of this generation have traveled far and wide, I believe I know more about myself and the world around me … Continue reading Continue reading

Global people- what ever happened to setting down roots?

This week I read a collection of readings on diversity in higher ed and creating global citizens. This got me thinking about some of the people I know who have traveled abroad or interacted with international students more than I … Continue reading Continue reading

Week 4

Re: Papert’s “Yearners and Schoolers” Again I see an unhealthy amount of focus on technology in our reading. Papert almost describes a space between the young girl interested in giraffes sleeping and the actual safari animals’ habits. Communications technologies are … Continue reading Continue reading