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Left Turn on Red

I was having trouble with my driving this year. For twice, I almost turned left to merge to two-way streets while the traffic signal was still red. Although I realized it right away, it was still very unsafe. The first time it happened, I thought I was just too sleepy to pay attention and it is […] Continue reading

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Designing a syllabus is a difficult performance task

I know we do not need to blog this week, but I don’t have better audiences elsewhere than here. 🙂 I have to admit that it is so difficult to design a syllabus from scratch. I was never an instructor so I do not have an existing syllabus. There are so many criteria and suggestions […] Continue reading

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Hello World

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It works for me for now.

At the start of this writing, I do not have an idea what kind of a teacher I am. This is a question that I have never thought of before. Or it is just because I did not know that I can decide what I want to be for a job (teaching). Well, this is […] Continue reading

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