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The soil for cultivating mindfulness

Before finishing the reading of this week, I thought I was among the minority that suffers from focus problems. Sometimes I stared at the same sentence over and over without knowing what it was about. Sometimes when I was listening to people talking, although I heard every word clearly, it just did not make any […] Continue reading

No simple recipe for education

Before I start writing about my thoughts and experiences, I want to ask how long does it take for you to finish all the readings and watching? It took me about 8 hours. That is beyond my expectation and luckily I started it yesterday. The reading for this week is more difficult to digest for […] Continue reading

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Week 2: The inspiring concept of networked learning

The concept of networked learning is very new to me. I have reflected on my learning and researching for many times because I have had a very difficult time transferring from an undergraduate to a graduate student, or from mainly a learner to a researcher.  I have never looked at it from the perspective of […] Continue reading

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