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A move toward professional schools closer to home

While driving back from a visit to Canada this weekend, I heard a news story about Canadian provinces switching to more emphasis on professional schools over traditional academic universities.  British Columbia is the latest province to push for more professional training in their educational system.  Recent articles have outlined the large amounts of funds that(…) Continue reading

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Comps, prelims, and quals

They are dismally referred to by many a PhD student under varying names.  Canadians students in general dread the COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION, whereas American students tend to fear the PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION, and still other PhD students quiver at the thought of the QUALIFYING EXAMINATION.  Having just survived my prelims as I will call them and in(…) Continue reading

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What would I like to change within the higher education?

If I had the chance and the authority to change one thing in the higher education, I would consider changing the current grading system. I believe that the current grading system in the higher education puts too much emphasis on … Continue reading Continue reading

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