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I came across this resourceful video on YouTube about ethics in publishing in journals. A set of questions are asked and professors from different universities address the questions. Hope you find it helpful.

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Code of Ethics in the Construction Industry

Before starting a career in an industry, I believe, it is critical for everyone to get familiar with the code of ethics of that industry. In my case, I intend to start my career in the construction industry and become a … Continue reading Continue reading

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T is for… tension, teams, and tipping points

“Team” sounds synonymous with “tension” for me.  Angst sets in before I even know who is on my team, what our purpose is, and how we might go about, what will likely be a vague task with limited resources and  high expectations (of ourselves and from others).  Although I can admit that the tension I […] Continue reading

Adaption, innovation and organizational fit

Before returning to graduate school I spent eight years in the nonprofit sector.  In total, I’ve spent nearly 14 years serving on nonprofit boards, consulting, and supporting volunteers and employees in my place of work achieve the organization’s mission.  Of the organizations I’ve engaged with, two of them presented what seemed like unending challenges for […] Continue reading