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Engagement of Universities in Society: Graduate Vs. Undergraduate

I am a PhD student in building construction, which is considered as very a practical field. Unlike many other PhD students, I prefer to start my career in the industry rather than the academia. However, every time I spoke with a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Education in Iran

Thanks to our classmates, last week we had a chance to get familiar with different education systems in Egypt, Finland and South Korea. Here I want to share some facts about the education system in Iran: 1) The education in Iran is … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Crisis in Ukraine

While working from home on Sunday evening, I was listening to 60 minutes in the background.  The news program caught my attention as as the focus shifted to Ukrain and a segment entitled, “The heart of the revolution.”  The reporters suggested that a “team mentality” had developed in Independence Square, contributing to the success of […] Continue reading

International Students: Challenges and Counselling services – M.S. Thesis Survey Included

An on-going study by my wife encouraged me to share this post with you guys! I came to the U.S. in 2011 and started my PhD at VT as an international student. At first, I faced different challenges in the … Continue reading Continue reading

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