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“To this day Project” and helping Humankind remember to be both. . . .

Ever notice how synchronicity and connections occur when we’re open to them?  I was lucky to have such a moment last semester.  After a seminar conversation last fall on inclusive pedagogy and diversity, an undergraduate came in to grab some … Continue reading Continue reading

Trust in the Board Room

Trust is a powerful construct.  It is essential for teams to succeed due to the interdependency required to accomplish shared goals (Franz, 2012).  Mayer, Davis, and Schoorman (1995) define trust as “being vulnerable to the actions of another team member as well as expecting another team member will perform as expected” (as cited in Franz, […] Continue reading

Establish colleges inside university

Establishing colleges at a university is not easy and requires several stages including building staff, faculty and students to start the class. I remember when I participated in establishing an architecture engineering college at Qassim University; it was not easy … Continue reading Continue reading

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Celebrating Change!

It is exciting and overwhelming to talk about change in Higher Education, although it is hard to deal with change , it is something that we can’t control neither stop. Change is good , even when we  can’t see it. A change  on higher education is really needed. The society’s problems have become complex and […] Continue reading

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How to Write a Great Mission Statement

Hello, All This video is about writing vision and goal in mission statement. Every business needs a mission statement. To make sure you’ve written a great one, follow these guidelines and answer the three key questions in this article. When you … Continue reading Continue reading

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Mission Statement

King Saud University and Yale University King Saud University Location: Riyadh Country: Saudi Arabia Riyadh Type: public university In their mission statement, The King Saud University claims to provide high-quality education in different disciplines and promote students knowledge in the … Continue reading Continue reading

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Mission Statement: UC, Santa Barbara & UC, Riverside

In this post, I would like to reflect the mission statements of two universities located in California; 1) University of California (UC), Santa Barbara is a research and teaching institution. The mission statement of this university can be found here. 2) … Continue reading Continue reading

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