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Korean education problem as seen by English native speakers in Korea

Yesterday, during the class, I found I was and has been a quiet person during the discussion. I am think about me after the class, and I found several reasons. For instance, I am not confident of my English speaking … Continue reading Continue reading

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Devil’s (Food Cake) Advovate

We talked last night more about Food Deserts and how they are affecting the folks who live across those proverbial train tracks from the upper echelons of society. For those people reading this (to my adoring fans: hello!) who might … Continue reading Continue reading

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Inclusive pedagogy: reservation

When we are talking about inclusive pedagogy and its usefulness for an individual learner…..great! and its really useful in many ways. One aspect of inclusiveness in academic institutions is reservation based on cast or religion. This may not be an … Continue reading Continue reading

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Students being globalized or Americanized?

The article by Braskamp titled “Developing Global Citizens” brought points that I was able to resonate with; however, what impacted me most was his brief questioning of Americanization. That is, if rather than experiencing different cultures and traditions, are we are … Continue reading Continue reading

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Freire’s take

Those of you who read Pedagogy of Freedom may have had their memory jogged about a particularly terrible teacher or experience they had sometime in the course of academic growth. For me in particular, my 5th grade teacher and my … Continue reading Continue reading

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Need A Spring Break Beach Read? Something “Light” Yet Pertinent?

In Whistling Vivaldi, Steele also outlines the major loss of potential that our current educational system can incur–particularly as a result of standardized testing and the social/psychological perception of “identity threat,” ultimately reinforced by stereotyping. Steele implies that our current methods of … Continue reading Continue reading

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civility and freedom of speech The civilities are viewed differently in different countries. The difference comes from culture, customs, tradition, and history. In most of the cases, the civilities are questioned on the issues of politics and religion. Intolerance can be seen in a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Local and Global, and Freire

Briefly on global learners- I think that globalism does not serve people as well as localism. While many other students of this generation have traveled far and wide, I believe I know more about myself and the world around me … Continue reading Continue reading

Diversity Video

Last year, some colleagues and I entered the Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies’ diversity video contest.  We were all enrolled in an excellent class together (ENGE 6984: Gender, Ethnicity, Identity, and Engineering, taught by Dr. Holly Matusovich) … Continue reading Continue reading

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(In)visible Diversities

Often when we speak about diversity in education, we’re thinking about visible diversity.  Can we walk into a classroom and see a balance of men and women, various racial and ethnic groups, etc.  Of course, diversity goes much, much beyond that.  In … Continue reading Continue reading

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