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How simple should we make things?

There are lot of different concepts on how to best explain something to someone who are not even remotely familiar to that. Different educators have experimented different pedagogical techniques over the years. There is a popular belief that it is best … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Early Distinguishing on Science and Arts in China

n China, high school students are required to make their choice on their future studies. They can only study either science or liberal arts until the college entrance exam. At that time the high school students really like this education … Continue reading Continue reading

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Changing Habits

Just right after I came to the U.S., I had a hard time getting used to the new schedule without a midday nap, or a siesta. That was kept as one of my habits since I started to remember. The … Continue reading Continue reading

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Re-Addressing the Ambiguities of Teaching Composition

In order to follow up with my last journal entry, I wanted to reflect a firmer grasp on what purpose 1106 serves, especially as an extension of 1105. On Wednesday I will be leading a class discussion/activity on composing writing … Continue reading Continue reading