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Survey about different interesting topics on research on multiple scales.

ScaleUp is a new student organization at Virginia Tech formed by graduate and advanced undergraduate students interested in scientific research that transcends multiple scales. More specifically, we focus on a broad range of research topics with a common and increasingly … Continue reading Continue reading

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So… What Exactly Am I Teaching Next Year?

As we get further past the mid-semester benchmark this fall, I’m becoming increasingly immersed in preparation (mostly philosophical and conceptual at this point) for teaching my first 1106 course in the Spring. As I begin to brainstorm possible assignments and … Continue reading Continue reading

Re-assessing Multiculturalism’s Place in the University Classroom

Recently I’ve been looking over literature concerning the multilingual/unidirectional nature of American cultures, and how it is contradictory to current trends of multiculturalism. Such literature addresses the place of English instruction to non-native speakers: Should it be integrated into the … Continue reading Continue reading

Massive Open Online Courses

We mentioned MOOCs in class a few weeks ago and it’s something I’ve given some thought to before, so I wanted to write a little about them here.  A Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) is a type of course that … Continue reading Continue reading

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Ethics in Conferences

So I have to retell this story as my first post did not make it to the home blog.  I will keep a lot of the details private as I do not want my friend to be known nor have the wrong people notified. So this story comes from my friend who submitted her work […] Continue reading

The Third Test

I’ve uploaded several blogs already and I cannot seem to get them to work, so I try again.  For someone who can program, this is unusual and frustrating. Continue reading

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Challenges of a First-Year Comp Teacher: The Distortive Space Between Theory and Practice

We all have a concept of the basic tenets of feminist theory, especially as it has maintained an increased presence among pedagogical approaches, across the disciplines. Feminism aims to liberate the self from dominant power structures inherent in our society—including … Continue reading Continue reading

It’s Easy to Be a Feminist in Theory… But What About in Practice?

In an article I recently read for my Pedagogy class, Theoretical, Political, and Pedagogical Challenges in the Feminist Classroom: Our Struggles to Walk the Walk, Robbin D. Crabtree and David Alan Sapp (see article here) denote the ways in which feminist … Continue reading Continue reading

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PHD and academics: a degree to create another degree?

Recently I read an article on the whining PHD students. The central issue was whether the universities are producing PHDs at rate higher than the demand. Today, if we look at the current trend, a major chunk of PHDs actually get jobs … Continue reading Continue reading

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