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Challenges of Higher Education in Libya

Introduction to Libya: Libya is located in North Africa, and has a coast of about 2000 Kilometers (1250 Miles) on the Mediterranean Sea, and it… Continue reading

Strategic Thinking

Universities are expected to keep up with the advances in different aspects of their society. The gap is constantly growing and changes are inevitable. Therefore, educational institutes are required to be equipped with new models and new thinking strategies to … Continue reading Continue reading

Faculty member

A faculty member is an educator who works at a college or university. A faculty member is someone who is a member of the faculty… Continue reading

Change in Higher Education

Also, I would like to share my thought about Higher Education. I hope if there are FDI short courses that are about the principle concepts… Continue reading

Teaching with Integrity

I read some topics in the book of teaching with Integrity, and I would like to share these advantages of teaching with Integrity with you…. Continue reading

what is not given is lost

I would like to share my though about what I have found in text book of finite element method. Really, I like this statement: what… Continue reading

Numbers of young scientists declining in Japan

I read this article “Numbers of young scientists declining in Japan”, which I found in this link: I concluded that: Government policies play an… Continue reading


Mentoring is a development partnership by which one can share knowledge, information, skills, thoughts, and experience with others. Mentoring gives us an opportunity of being… Continue reading

the University of Libya

I am looking for knowing the first university in Libya.  I found that the first university in Libya was the University of Libya which was… Continue reading

Interviewing Subjects in Your Research

Being interviewed for a job, you are supposed to answer some questions and use your intuition to have active communication with the interviewer. This notion can be modeled in other tasks while one wants to get input and apply it … Continue reading Continue reading