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Suspension in Admission to German, Religious Studies and Classics in Pittsburgh University

“Long considered one of public higher education’s finest destinations for graduate work in the humanities, the University of Pittsburgh has cut off admissions to master’s and doctoral programs in German, religious studies, and classics in response to reduced state aid.” … Continue reading Continue reading

How to Keep Up with Research in Your Field of Study

RSS is a good source to keep up with journal articles as they come out. As a graduate student, one should read lots of journals and keep up with the daily issues. One way is to sign up in the … Continue reading Continue reading

An insight into Interdisciplinarity Concept

Interdisciplinary studies refer to the process of addressing a topic that can’t be analyzed by a single discipline.  In an informal sense, observers either integrate information from their environment to interpret phenomena and make cognitive decisions or concentrate on one … Continue reading Continue reading

More on the complexity of participatory culture and digital inclusion…

Hi, Kim  —  Inspired by Jon Udell‘s notion that our online conversations might be even more useful when we use our own blog space to move beyond the form and function of ‘comment boxes,’ I am posting my extended comment … Continue reading Continue reading

Unemployment Rate in Higher Education

Reading this post,, I came across some issues about the relationship between supply and demand of job opportunities. In societal level, there are varieties of factors affecting job opportunities that mainly stem from social and economical construct of the … Continue reading Continue reading