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As My First Semester Ends, My Second Begins

Last month, I finished my first semester on the tenure-track.  It was a very busy semester, but a happy and productive one as well.  I taught courses in General Psychology and Personality Psychology, submitted 3 manuscripts for publication, submitted and … Continue reading Continue reading

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Being a Caring Professor to Improve Graduate Engagement

This week is another busy week.  I’ve just submitted my students’ final grades, and I’m preparing to have family in town for my hooding on Friday.  Whew! Just a quick post today to share an article from the Chronicle that … Continue reading Continue reading

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I am a Selfish Git: A bit on my teaching philosophy

A common observation I encounter from people who have taken my class is that there is less structure in the assignments than they are used to, and oftentimes less than they would like. A consequence of this is that participants … Continue reading Continue reading

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Semester in Review

Well, as I’m about 6 hours in* into a 14 hour bus+train journey to Massachusetts I figured this would be a good time to reflect and respond to the past semester which seems to have flown bye. The Blogs I … Continue reading Continue reading

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Back to School

It’s that magical time of year again.  I’ve got a big stack of syllabi, a box of freshly sharpened pencils, and a computer full of ideas for assignments and class discussions.  It must be time for the students to return … Continue reading Continue reading

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We are currently in the midst of my very favorite time of year, that first week of the summer.  Classes are over, grades are in, and this college town, abandoned of undergraduates, is quiet once again. Not only that, but … Continue reading Continue reading

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It may be satire…

…but it also is perfectly relevant to the discussion we had in PFP about teaching evaluations:,20130/ and the last “quote” is especially relevant to the discussion in GEDI about teaching responsibilities: “Students and the enormous revenue they bring in to our institution … Continue reading Continue reading

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Why My Students Are THE BEST!!

A second entry this week?  It must be important! A little background…I’m a HUGE basketball fan.  I grew up going to Charlotte Hornets games with my dad.  By college, I was a green-wig-wearing fool, cheering, front row and center court, … Continue reading Continue reading

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As a researcher, I’m interested in children’s self-regulation.  It’s an important part of their development, impacting their relationships with their peers and families, their school readiness, their academic success, and a number of other important outcomes.  You might recognize one popular measure used in this literature, the Marshmallow Delay, which challenges children to wait patiently […] Continue reading

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They like me!

Today I had an interview for a fellowship (more about that in another post) at 1:40. I teach a class that starts at 2 so I asked a fellow professor if he could cover the first few minutes of my … Continue reading Continue reading

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