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Being a Caring Professor to Improve Graduate Engagement

This week is another busy week.  I’ve just submitted my students’ final grades, and I’m preparing to have family in town for my hooding on Friday.  Whew! Just a quick post today to share an article from the Chronicle that … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Undergraduate Research Experience

As an undergraduate, I was given a fantastic research experience.  Beginning my first semester of freshman year, I worked with Dr. Dan Jones to do work with x-ray crystallography.  Dr. Jones was an incredible mentor of a caliber that I … Continue reading Continue reading

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Oxford Blocks Google Docs

I hope that everyone is toasty and enjoying this beautiful dusting of snow. In light of all of the conversation about technology that has been had in the Future Professoriate classes as well as in the majority of pedagogical workshops … Continue reading Continue reading

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This semester is, for me, a semester of mentoring.  I have mentored, and have been mentored, informally for a very long time now, but this semester I took on a number of more formal mentoring roles. The most drastic example … Continue reading Continue reading

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Citizen Scholarship

I’ve become involved this semester with Virginia Tech’s Citizen Scholar Program.  It’s a wonderful program with the goal of “encouraging graduate students to create a mutually beneficial partnership with the community by utilizing their research and academic skills to solve … Continue reading Continue reading

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Back to School

It’s that magical time of year again.  I’ve got a big stack of syllabi, a box of freshly sharpened pencils, and a computer full of ideas for assignments and class discussions.  It must be time for the students to return … Continue reading Continue reading

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Why My Students Are THE BEST!!

A second entry this week?  It must be important! A little background…I’m a HUGE basketball fan.  I grew up going to Charlotte Hornets games with my dad.  By college, I was a green-wig-wearing fool, cheering, front row and center court, … Continue reading Continue reading

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As a researcher, I’m interested in children’s self-regulation.  It’s an important part of their development, impacting their relationships with their peers and families, their school readiness, their academic success, and a number of other important outcomes.  You might recognize one popular measure used in this literature, the Marshmallow Delay, which challenges children to wait patiently […] Continue reading

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The Dreaded First Exam

My students are taking a test right now.  It’s the first test of the semester and they look pretty terrified about it all.  If only they knew that I’m just as terrified as they are.  It’s hard setting them free.  … Continue reading Continue reading

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Motivated Students

I’m an anomaly in my department.  Generally graduate students hit the ground running as they come in, teaching an introductory recitation from their first day on campus.  Because my advisor had a large grant, I was able to, instead, stay … Continue reading Continue reading

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